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FESZTIVÁLOK                      HÍREK

8th Főzdefeszt + Street Food Show
at Andrássy Street
20-21 September

The festival that introduced craft-beer to Hungarians 3 years ago has grown to be the biggest gastronomical festival of Budapest with the addition of Street Food Show earlier this year. More than 40 000 people attended the festival in June, and this fall, they expect to entertain even more by joining the European In Town Without My Car (ITWMC) event, which will cause a considerable part of Budapest be closed from traffic this weekend. Along a series of different events, Főzdefeszt + Street Food Show will be organized on Andrássy Street from the corner of Nagymező Street to the corner of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street.

In mere three years, craft-beer has become an everyday reality and a fashionable treat for the citizens of Budapest with great craft-beer pubs opening, like Élesztő, the 21-tap multitap bar, that was voted to be one of the top-ten European beer-pubs by the readers of Guardian, and an increasing number of gypsy brewers and real brewers spewing out new brands and new flavors day by day.

During the same years an other revolution has also gained momentum – that of the quality street-food which was quite rare a few years ago. This is to be thanked to Főzdefeszt’s sister-festival, Street Food Show that handpicked the best street-food vendors and expressed the need for good food on the street establishing it as a cool form of entertainment. Now budapestians can choose from a wide range of innovative street-foods. Apart from kebab and hamburger you can taste home-grown street food from sausage and vegetables – traditional Hungarian dishes redesigned, and you can check the best street-food places and what they have to offer.

Next to the thirty-something Hungarian breweries, beer-lovers will meet familiar international highlights as well, like the Scottish Belhaven or the German Braufaktum, and the wonderful world of Belgian and English beer. We also present the latest from neighbouring Transylvania just about to wake up beer-wise.

Balkezes Sörfőzde
Bäder Sörfőzde
Bigfoot Sörfőzde
Bimbeer Gerillasörfőzde
Bors Sörfőzde
Brandecker Sörfőzde
Csupor Sörfőzde
Domján Sörfőzde
Élesztő Sörműhely
Fapados Sörbolt
Fóti Kézműves Sörfőzde
Franzberger Sörfőzde - Ser-kentő Italbolt
Guri Sörfőzde
Gyertyános Sörfőzde
HaraPunk Sörfőzde
Hatodik Íz Vándorsörfőzde
Hopfanatic Sörfőzde
Horizont Sörfőzde
Ikkona Sörfőzde
Kaltenberg Sörfőzde
Kaltenecker Sörfőzde
Kapucinus Sörfőzde
Kissler Sörfőzde
Köleses Sör
Lados Sörfőzde
Legenda Sörfőzde
Léhűtő Sörbár
Magyar Czider
Mályi Ászok Sörfőzde
Reketye Sörfőzde
Rizmajer Sörfőzde
Rothbeer Sörfőzde
Serforrás Sörfőzde
Sip Beer
Stari Sörfőzde
Sümeg Beer
Szarvasi Sörfőzde
Szent András Sörfőzde
Zip's Sörfőzde
Zodiac Sörfőzde

International Beers:
Angol Sörök
Belga Sörök
Bohémia Cseh Sörök
Braufaktum Sörfőzde
Caledonia Skót Sörök
Clausenburger Sörfőzde – Erdély
Kentucky Ale
Liquid Gold
Pivo Cseh Sörök

Street Food Vendors:
A Sonkás
Berlin Cantin
Cake Shop
Churros Up
Fiktiv Scoville Bár
Kerala Dosa
Mahung Biokocsma
Malom bisztró
Mirelite Gombócda
Pasta Station
Pepita Tökmag
Piknik Utczabár
Pista bá’
Tamp & Pull
Tanyasi baromfi (aki főz: Bereznay Tamás)
Terra Hungarica
Tésztafeszítő Kisiparos
Vörös Homár
Wok & Tandoori Express


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